Guest Policies

Honoring the traditions of golf.

While the nature of the club and its members does not require detailed rules, there are certain policies and procedures that must be well understood to enhance the enjoyment of the club by all members and guests. Please adhere to the following club customs.

Dress Code

It is expected that members and their guests will dress in a manner consistent with the traditions of the game and the mission of the club. Denim and cargo shorts or pants are not permitted on the golf course or driving range. Male golfers are asked to have their shirts tucked in and hats worn forward. Women’s shorts, skirts, or skorts should reach to at least mid-thigh. Sleeveless shirts are acceptable provided they have a collar. Spandex shorts or pants, and workout attire, are not permitted on the golf course.

The Clubhouse dress code is Dining Room Casual. Proper golf attire is permitted, as are appropriate denim jeans. Excessively worn-looking clothing, athletic wear, and t-shirts are not considered appropriate attire. Gentlemen are asked to remove their hats while in the Clubhouse. Hat racks are available at each entrance for your use

It is prohibited for members or guests to change clothing or shoes in the parking lot. Windsong is happy to provide any guest with the use of a guest locker.

Smoking is not permitted in any building on Windsong property.

Cell Phones

As a general rule, talking on cell phones is not permitted on Windsong grounds. If you must make or receive a call, please use the main office of the clubhouse or the sitting/communication area of the locker rooms. Cell phones may also be used inside your vehicle in the parking lot. Members and guests with a need to receive urgent messages during a round should notify the professional staff, who will relay the information to the member or guest.

Windsong does realize the importance of being able to use mobile devices in this day and age. Emailing and texting is allowed on property, as long as it does not become a distraction to others members and guests, and does not slow the pace of play on the course.

Golfer Responsibilities and Etiquette

Windsong is a special place and golf is a great game. Your actions while on the course make a difference in keeping Windsong the special place it is and will keep the game fun for all of our members and guests.

Pace of Play: All members and guest are to adhere to strict four hour and fifteen minute pace of play policy.

Ball marks: Please repair your ball marks. A properly repaired mark heals in days. A mark that is not fixed or improperly fixed will remain a scar for a long period of time. A properly fix ball mark is pushed inward from the outer edge, not lifted up.

Native Grasses and Fescues: Do not drive your golf cars through any minimally maintained areas. The tracks will be seen for weeks once these grasses start to grow.

Bunkers: Rake your bunkers after you play a shot. This includes your footprints, divot from the shot and any other tracks you may see. Please enter bunkers at the lowest point in the bunker, and exit out the same way.

Divots: Replace your divots in the fairways. The grounds staff will be around from time to time to patch all divots with sand and seed. In the meantime, it is easier to play from a dead or brown divot than from a hole in the fairway.

Lightning Detection: You must take shelter when you hear the lightning alarm system. When the alarm sounds there is lightning within 10 miles of the course. You must seek shelter at the clubhouse facilities, maintenance shop, or the shelters on the course. This is YOUR responsibility. Staff will not be sent into dangerous lightning situations to tell you there is lightning in the area or retrieve you from the course. After 30 minutes of no lightning activity within 10 miles the all clear will sound and you can resume play safely.

I never played a round when I didn't learn something new about the game. - Ben Hogan