Guest Information

All guests must be accompanied by a member. To ensure an enjoyable visit, we ask that you read and review the Club’s rules and guidelines below prior to your arrival.

Golf Attire

It is expected that members and their guests will dress in a manner consistent with the traditions of the game and the mission of the club.

Denim or cargo shorts and pants are not permitted on the golf course or practice facility. Male golfers are asked to have their shirts tucked in and hats worn forward. Women’s shorts, skirts, or skorts should reach to at least mid-thigh. Sleeveless shirts are acceptable provided they have a collar.

Members and guests should utilize the men’s and women’s locker rooms to change and get ready for golf. We ask that you please do not change clothing or shoes in the parking lot.

Clubhouse Attire

The clubhouse dress code is Dining Room Casual. Proper golf attire is permitted, as are appropriate denim jeans. Excessively worn-looking clothing, athletic wear, and t-shirts are not considered appropriate attire. Gentlemen are asked to remove their hats while in the Clubhouse. Hat racks are available at each entrance for your convenience.

Music & Electronic Devices

Please be courteous of other members and guests when using cell phones, radios, or other noise-making devices on the course. While these devices are allowed, they should not be used within sight or sound of other patrons.

Talking on cell phones is prohibited in and around the Clubhouse, with the exception of the Business Office and the back of the Locker Rooms.

Course Etiquette

Slow play is absolutely forbidden.  Your group is expected to play ready golf at a pace of 4 hours or better.  Without exception, slower groups must let faster groups play through.

All members and guests are expected to repair their ball marks and divots on the course.  Golf Carts are forbidden in the native grass areas throughout the property.  Please use cart paths when available.